Solo Travel for Women – A Beginner’s Guide

Solo Travel for Women - A Beginner’s Guide

We’ve all been there, hoisting luggage to our destination and breathing a huge sigh of relief on arrival. Whether you’re a novice or packing pro, preparing for a solo trip instils a newfound level of restraint. Wearing your carry-on kilos forces you to be discerning about your sartorial choices. 

My advice? Marie Kondo your hoard, until it decreases significantly, and you’re left with realistic outfits. (Don’t forget you can always handwash your stuff). Aside from comfortable walking shoes and a reusable water bottle (essential), come prepared for the climate and surprise forecasts, with interchangeable clothing. I recommend packing cubes, to compress bulkier items and compartmentalise clothing and accessories. Pockets and padlocks are also must-haves, to protect documents and valuable items. Oh, and a microfibre towel, ALWAYS.

A good quality travel backpack with concealed pockets will see you through most circumstances. A money belt (hear us out) is also a handy method of concealing your passport, documents and currency, albeit handsfree.

Aside from the real essentials, you won’t regret taking a rechargeable battery pack, travel journal and tripod for self-timer shots. If you find packing stressful, why not check out Contiki’s pack my bags Alexa skill, and let Alexa do the hard work for you? She’ll give you a personalised packing list with all the essentials you need.

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