Create Live Event Broadcast On Your Resort with Livestream

Create Live Event Broadcast On Your Resort with Livestream

Are there important events at your resort that you just need to share with the world?  Perhaps your resort is sponsoring a fashion show or want to show your prospective guests how close your resort is from the beach, then Livestream for Facebook is the application for you.

Livestream is the simplest way to broadcast your events live on the internet and to mobile devices. Now it’s also the easiest way to livestream to your fans on Facebook… and it’s free!
There are two ways on how you can use Livestream:  

Do it yourself
Grab a camera/webcam or produced video feed and download Livestream Procaster – their free desktop app for Mac and PC. Stream live in one-click to Facebook, your channel page on, your website, and mobile devices. Everything will be recorded and made available in an on-demand library. Livestream Procaster is available for Mac or PC, and it’s completely free.

All you have to do is:

    * Click the Get Started button on the Livestream for Facebook Homepage to begin. Accept the Permission Request when prompted.
    * Once you’ve arrived at the Livestream Tab Manager, select a Facebook Page to begin configuring the app by pressing the “Add Page Tab” button. Confirm the addition and click the Livestream tab on your Page.
    * Select “Start New Channel” button to create your own channel. Create a Livestream username, password, channel name, and enter your email address.
    * Click the “Signup” button to confirm the details above. Add some new channel information, upload a custom banner and select your channel layout.
    * When finished, click the “Save Settings” button. You should now see your Livestream channel on Facebook.

Let the professionals do it for you

Livestream can develop custom Facebook live streaming applications to suit your needs, including pay-per-view, donation, ‘like-to-watch’, live-blogging, multi-channel and much more (see an example application made for Facebook Live). They can also help you produce your show (watch the Livestream Productions music showreel).
So the next time your resort is building a new state-of-the-art fitness center, wouldn’t it be great to excite your clients a little and Livestream the ongoing design and construction?  Livestreaming may be a small thing but is well worth your effort, after all, it will create a deeper connection between you and your guests.

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